Time’s up. 
Haters are among us and they just need to be loved or they will take over. 
We need your help, your love. 
Start loving, now.
Fight for Kindness! This call for designers organized by TypeCampus and ZetaFonts, have the honor to celebrate World Kindness Day by sharing good purposes with good typography in a multi-location exhibition around the world.
It will include a selection of beautiful inspirational artworks, designed by dozens of designers, including kobose studio, who during the year responded to this call for entries.
In addition to our artwork, on typecampus.com there is a whole gallery to admire containing all the shortlisted projects for #FightForKindness 2022 and the locations of upcoming exhibitions where the selected artworks will be fully displayed — download exhibition catalogue here.
Milan, Italy                                                                                    IF! Italians Festival at Base Milano
11-12 November 2022                                                      Organized by ADCIUNA and the Italians Festival team
​_                                                                                        Valencia, Spain                                                                  Barreira A+D Hall - Barreira Arte y Diseño
5-13 November 2022                                                      Organized by Patrizia Barbieri & Zara Jorques
​​_                                                                                              Paris, France                                                                    Campus Condorcet - Centre des Colloques
5-13 November 2022                                                    Organized by Valentina La Marca and Jessica Romano
​​_                                                                                              Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria                                                    Museum of Yanaky Mansiev / University of Veliko Turnovo St Cyril and St. Methodius
4-13 November 2022                                                    Organized by Radimira Yordanova 
​_                                                                                        Fitchburg, Massachusetts, US                                    Fitchburg State University - Main Lobby of Conlon Hall
November-December 2022                                          Organized by Donald Tarallo

Watch the gallery of #FightForKindness 2022 projects on typecampus.com
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